2011 Accomplishments

  • Adult Protective Services (APS) PowerPoint presentations developed by the Education Subcommittee
  • Sponsored Elder Abuse Awareness Day events – June 15th at 5 locations with approximately 140 attendees
  • Elder Abuse Awareness Day proclamation at Montgomery County
  • Media exposure on elder abuse
  • C.A.A.N.E. meetings average attendance of 25-30 members each month
  • Cardboard pop-up displays positioned in the community and at events to help with continued education about who to call if someone suspects elder abuse
  • Case Review Subcommittee reviewed several difficult cases for feedback on viable solutions
  • Advocacy related information is disseminated to the C.A.A.N.E. committee members
  • Planning and fundraising for the 2012 Symposium
  • A combined community resource guide is being developed by the Community Resource Committee
  • C.A.A.N.E. presentation to Wright State University 1st year medical students on potential APS case scenarios
  • On-going APS 24 hour emergency hotline
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