2013 Accomplishments

  • Elder Abuse Awareness Day – June 14th
    • Events at 4 locations: The Terraces, Twin Towers,  Friendship Village, and Wesley Community Center
    • Approximately 120 people attended
    • Good participation
    • Great community partners and help from C.A.A.N.E. members
  • C.A.A.N.E. meetings average attendance of 25-30 members each month
  • Pop-ups in several locations in the community – Job Center, Administration Building, Kettering Connection, Dayton Veteran’s Administration, and at events to help with continued education in  the community referencing the number to call if someone suspects elder abuse
  • Case Review Subcommittee reviewed several difficult cases and many helpful suggestions were provided for these difficult cases
  • Advocacy related information is disseminated to the C.A.A.N.E. committee members as issues and legislation comes up
  • C.A.A.N.E. website up and running
  • Outreach and additional new members this year
  • APS 24-hour emergency hotline continues
  • Increased community knowledge as measured by an 8.4% increase in referrals over the previous year.  The year before, there was a 23% increase in APS referrals.
  • Emergency Placement Ad Hoc Subcommittee working on better alternatives for emergency placement of APS clients
  • Presentation on Montgomery County’s Multi-Disciplinary Team by Patrick Bailey and Lisa Fields at the National Service Coordinators Conference.
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